Hi, I'm Ivan.

I create web apps.

Three cool projects built by me.

Prima Auth

Prima Auth

Symfony, Doctrine, oAuth2, RESTful API, PHPUnit

TV Prima's user management, local and third party login system and user API used on the website with around 2,5 million visitors monthly. The project has a robust backend part written in Symfony, but also the frontend part for users and the administration area.


Translation System thumbnail picture

Translation System

PHP, js/jQuery, AJAX, MySQL

A brand new internal translation system which will be integrated with the current Asimut system, used by leading schools of performing arts from all over the world. User can benefit from an intuitive and easy-to-use user interface, including keyboard shortcuts, sorting, intelligent importing and input handling, saving to the database through AJAX and exporting translations into the live system only by one click.

Infinity Gallery

Infinity Gallery

PHP, MySQL, Bootstrap, custom framework

A prototype website made as a student group project. I worked mostly on the backend part, which uses a basic custom PHP framework written from scratch. I learnt about routing, MVC pattern and later it helped me a lot in understanding the Symfony Framework.

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Features. (No, no bugs, I promise!)

Rich functionality

PHP (Symfony Framework), JavaScript (jQuery), MySQL/PostgreSQL/Doctrine ORM, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap 3, Git, Bash scripting, oAuth2,... - you name it and I have been using it or at least was passing by.

User friendly

People describe me as a highly motivated and responsible person. I have strong writing and communication skills thanks to my background in journalism, public speaking and organizing social events.


I am eager to learn. I enjoy working for companies where I can gain new skills and be helpful as much as possible. No boring office jobs with repetitive tasks, please.


I have already a broad professional and volunteering experience. Okay, I might be telling you fairytales about myself, but you know what? You can easily find out what others think about me and my work.

What users say.

Mads Skovbjerg Paldam

Ivan has been a reliable and motivated employee who has performed several programming tasks for us, including a complete independent subsystem to manage our translations. ... He has worked independently on this project, and has completed it to our great satisfaction - it is now in use and has already helped us improve our workflows.

Mads Skovbjerg Paldam, CEO and Founder, ASIMUT software ApS

Ivan is a reliable, enthusiastic, highly motivated person, with the ability to work hard and under stress if needed. As a journalist, he was able to cover broad spectre of topics precisely on a daily basis. He had gained a lot of skills including copywriting, using various software technologies and social media management. Many external correspondents of our magazines gained their skills thanks to Ivan's editorship and mentoring.

Filip Hanker, Editor-in-chief, Živé.sk and MobilMania.sk

Ondřej Žižka

Ivan is a person one would like to have as a co-worker. He's reliable, intelligent, original and inventive. It has always been a pleasure to cooperate with him.

Ondřej Žižka, JBoss Developer, Red Hat & co-organizer of English Meetings

I know him as a responsible, hard-working and keen student, interested in various subjects and sciences, an eruditely young man. Ivan is also very reliable in any situation, can cope with stress and unexpected issues, helpful and patient towards the others. That is why he has always been respected among his classmates and teachers as well.

PhDr. Jana Komorová, class teacher, Gymnázium Púchov

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